Sustainable development
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Certified Pending B CorporationA public benefit corporation and pending B corp seeking to acquire a business addressing global challenges identified by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our focus includes water, food & ag, renewable energy, environmental resource management and supporting technologies. Listed on Nasdaq (SDAC)

Investment strategy

SDAC will look to invest in companies aligned with specific target sectors. Our target company group is differentiated from other sustainability and impact-focused SPACs and leverages our decades of collective investment and operational experience.


Water Management, Irrigation and Conservation Technologies

IOT / Sensors

Testing & Monitoring / Analytics

Filtration & Treatment

Disaster Relief

Food & Agriculture

Precision Agriculture Technologies

Branded Produce

Covered Agriculture

Marketplace & Platforms

Proprietary Genetics

Renewable Energy

Grid Energy Storage & Services

Integration & Demand Management Technologies

Alternative Fuels / Hydrogen / Biofuels

Energy Efficiency

Environmental Resources Management

Recycling Infrastructure & Technology

Waste Management & Services

Sustainable Packaging


About Us


A Pending B Corp that seeks to acquire a business that is addressing the global challenges identified by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Renewable Resources Group and its affiliate, RRG Capital Management (collectively, “RRG”), strive to identify underutilized assets and to optimize them for water, agriculture, land, renewable energy, and conservation values. RRG has always focused on generating environmental and social benefits as well as financial returns, and on addressing environmental, labor, and natural resource challenges.

Capricorn Investment Group pursues extraordinary investment results by leveraging market forces to scale solutions to global problems. Capricorn focuses on investments in sustainable infrastructure, transportation, aerospace, energy, agriculture, environmental monitoring, data analysis and more.


SDAC was formed as a partnership between RRG Global Partners Fund, a private fund affiliated with Renewable Resources Group, a B Corp, and Sustainable Investors Fund, a private fund affiliated with Capricorn Investment Group, a certified B Corp. Both firms focus on market opportunities to create financial value, generate environmental and social benefits, address environmental, labor, or natural resource challenges and leverage our expertise, experience, and existing portfolios.

  • Combined Global Footprint international platforms, with 80+ investment professionals covering North and South America, Europe and Asia

  • Extensive network of Sustainability focused investors through groups like CREO (founding members), Ceres (board member), and B Corp
SDAC Network

Investment Criteria

Operational alignment with SDGs and B Corp Principles

Defensible Market Position

Strong Management Team

Growth Profile

Attractive Valuation and Financial Profile

Benefits from Being Public

Sourced Through Proprietary Channels

Benefits from RRG's and Capricorn’s experience and platforms